Western Michigan University: 107 Years of Aerial Photos

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  • Western State Normal School

    Western State Normal School
    Western Michigan University, which was initially called Western State Normal School, was founded in 1903 as an institution for people wishing to become teachers. The building pictured is now known as Heritage Hall.
  • Western State Normal School

    Western State Normal School
    Pictured to the left was the institution's original library, and on the right is East Hall. All though most of the building was torn down, the main doorway to East Hall is still standing today.
  • Different Perspectives

    Different Perspectives
    A view from the northwest overlooking East Campus where Oakland Drive and Stadium Drive merge to create Michigan Avenue.
  • A New Name

    A New Name
    In 1927, Western State Normal School would change its name to Western State Teachers College after curricular changes in 1917.
  • Idle Times

    Idle Times
    Plans to begin the construction for West Campus came to a halt when the United States became involved in WWII in 1941. At this point in time, the institution was now name Western State College.
  • The Birth of West Campus

    The Birth of West Campus
    Construction on WMU's campus began in the early 50s once WWII had ended.
  • A Full View

    A Full View
    A great aerial photo taken in 1953 shows all of WMU's campus.
  • Exponential Growth

    Exponential Growth
    Once WWII ended, construction of West Campus boomed between the 50s and 60s. As of 1955, the institution was now known as Western Michigan University.
  • More Green, Less Grey

    More Green, Less Grey
    In 1984, the last remains of the university's married housing neighborhoods existed where parking garages stand now.
  • Maybe the 90s?

    Maybe the 90s?
    The Lee Honors College was established in 1990 and Waldo Library was renovated in 1991. The date of this photo is uncertain.
  • Modern Day

    Modern Day
    This photo was taken in 2015 by the College of Aviation. In its 114 yeas of existence, WMU has seen the most campus growth in the past 60 years with the transition of facilities from East Campus to West Campus.
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    Aerial Photos from 1908-2015

    By Stephanie Forth |
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    21 November 2017