Western Michigan University Football Uniform History

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  • A Simpler Time in WMU Uniforms

    A Simpler Time in WMU Uniforms
    Under head coach Jack Harbaugh, WMU wore the traditional brown-on-yellow look during the 1984 season, featuring thick stripes on the shoulders. Photo Credit: mlive.com (http://bit.ly/2hJzz0F)
  • Mid-American Conference Championship Threads

    Mid-American Conference Championship Threads
    A change in coaches meant for a slight change for WMU's uniforms as well. Coach Al Molde chose a thinner styled stripe pattern and a white trim around the numbers. These same jerseys were used in the Mid-American Conference Championship that year as WMU won its first MAC Championship. Photo Credit: mlive.com (http://bit.ly/2hJzz0F)
  • Russell Re-brand

    Russell Re-brand
    WMU completely changed their uniforms in 1998 as they looked to Russell Athletics over previously-used Reebok. This re-brand included a change of colors appearing on the jersey from brown and yellow to a more modern black and gold, as well as a new Bronco logo. Photo Credit: mlive.com (http://bit.ly/2hQjU3B)
  • The Move to Adidas

    The Move to Adidas
    The move from Russell Athletics to Adidas opened the door to new uniform possibilities for the Broncos in 2005 as the team has unveiled new uniforms on a more consistent basis since the switch. Photo Credit: Uniform Critics (http://bit.ly/2AYHaQV)
  • Quick Transition

    Quick Transition
    WMU quickly changed its uniform concept again in its third season wearing Adidas. This new look lasted the Broncos six seasons. Photo Credit: Uniform Critics (http://bit.ly/2AYHaQV)
  • P.J. Fleck Era Begins

    P.J. Fleck Era Begins
    As the youngest head coach in college football at the time, P.J. Fleck not only brought in a winning culture to WMU, but several new uniform combinations as well. Photo Credit:Official Site of Western Michigan Athletics (http://bit.ly/2zRwGpv)
  • Oars In

    Oars In
    Coach Fleck's slogan "Row The Boat" was shown in many different ways during his tenure with the Bronco program. The word "Row" was seen on the front of WMU's helmets and some jerseys even had oars on them such as this one. Photo Credit: mlive.com (http://bit.ly/2zRwGpv)
  • Back to the Good Old Days

    Back to the Good Old Days
    Tim Lester, a former WMU quarterback and new head coach reverted to a similar style back to his playing days. The Broncos new threads have stripes on the shoulders, comparable to the uniforms Lester wore in the late '90s. Photo Credit: Official Site of Western Michigan Athletics (http://bit.ly/2AXU6q8)