WMU Bronco Football From 1910 to Present

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  • First Football Team in Yearbook

    First Football Team in Yearbook
    The first time football was acknowledged in the Western Michigan University yearbooks was in 1910, four years after the football program started at the school.
    Source: WMU yearbook archives
  • Caught in Action

    Caught in Action
    The football team is finally caught in action in 1925 in a much smaller Waldo Stadium. The team was in their very lightly padded uniforms and surrounded by many fans.
    Source: WMU yearbook archives
  • Football in the '40s

    Football in the '40s
    In 1941, the football team is seen playing in Waldo Stadium, which was under construction until 1938.The team finished that year with an undefeated season of 8-0 under coach Mike Gary.
    Source: WMU yearbook archives
  • Increased Protection

    Increased Protection
    The WMU football team in 1950 had just 35 players on its varsity team that year. This was also about the time that more protective shoulder padding and helmets were being manufactured for football players.
    Source: WMU yearbook archives
  • Hard Helmets

    Hard Helmets
    The Broncos are seen playing in hard helmets in 1960, much like the ones the team wears today. They finished second in the MAC behind Bowling Green that year.
    Source: WMU yearbook archives
  • Doubling in Size

    Doubling in Size
    The team in 1970 had grown immensely from 1950, almost doubled in size to about 60 players. They are pictured in Waldo Stadium. Click on image to see the full size of the team.
    Source: WMU yearbook archives
  • "Dumb Doolittle"

    "Dumb Doolittle"
    The fans at Waldo Stadium are shown holding up a sign which said "Dumb Doolittle" in regards to the head coach, Bill Doolittle. After a not-so-successful season in 1975, the fans were ready for a new coach.
    Source: WMU yearbook archives
  • Weather Doesn't Stop Broncos

    Weather Doesn't Stop Broncos
    The Western Herald published an article on fans showing their loyalty by supporting the team despite the cold weather.
    Click image to see full size.
    Source: WMU Herald archives
  • Bronco Football Today

    Bronco Football Today
    Fast forward to 2017 and Waldo Stadium is usually packed with Bronco fans on game day. In the past couple years, the team has won the MAC Championship, changed head coaches and is currently 4th in the MAC West Conference.
    Source: WMU athletics website