Timeline created by Ernesto Quezada
  • Game project creation

    Game project creation
    Piranha Loca project created. Piranha Loca is a first person shooter and this is the description:
    These waters are infested with piranhas, the South-American fish with sharp teeth that eats flesh. Get rid of them before Piranha Loca gets rid of you!
  • MochiAds added

    MochiAds added
    MochiAds added to beta version of game to get some revenue and mochiBot added to track where the swf is hosted. Main menu & scoreboard still missing.
    The project already has many ActionScript 2 classes; is my first full OOP flash game.
  • Released on OverloadStudios

    Released on OverloadStudios
    Piranha Loca was released on Overload Studios website.
  • Mindjolt release

    Mindjolt release
    Piranha Loca is released in MindJolt. After a week getting less than 2000 views a day, I found a very nasty bug which was responsible for not showing mochiads nor counting views propertly, made me lost at least $50. Mindjolt file is still broken.
  • Newgrounds Release

    Newgrounds Release
    It scored more than 3 (out of 5) becoming one of the best games for that day. However doesn't have many views. Released time: 17 GMT, not the best time though...
    Link to Piranha Loca on NewGrounds.
  • Released on HallPass

    Released on HallPass
    I got $50 from HallPass for adding their score API. The game was released on the forums but not on the homepage. Didn't get many views...
    Link to game on HallPass
  • Piranha Loca on HallPass homepage

    Piranha Loca on HallPass homepage
    The game was added to the homepage. Hundreds of views so far.
  • Re-released on Mindjolt

    Re-released on Mindjolt
    Mindjolt re-published Piranha Loca, this time the file is working 100% as I fixed the bug mentioned before. So far the game has more than 150,000 views.