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  • The Founding of Jamestown

    The Founding of Jamestown
    English men landed in North America, sent ahead of the masses to start a settlement. Jamestown, Virginia was chosen and named after King James I. This became the first permanent English settlement.
  • The First Public Slave Trade in Virginia

    The First Public Slave Trade in Virginia
    Governor Yeardley bought 20 slaves in exchange for food. Such trade was unheard of at the time, and slaves were new to this Virginia colony therefore it was a turning point in slavery. It is incorrectly believed by many that this was the first instance of slavery in America, however, slaves had existed before this time and African-American slaves had been brought to America by the Spanish, so, therefore, this was not the start of slavery just an important event in slavery's history.
  • Arrival of the Mayflower

    Arrival of the Mayflower
    After approximately 70 days at sea, the Mayflower arrived at Cape Cod with the Pilgrims. A few weeks after their arrival, the ship sailed up the coast to Plymouth and the Pilgrims began work on a new settlement.
  • The First Thanksgiving

    The First Thanksgiving
    The Pilgrims intended to celebrate the coming harvest and their new lives in America, and when the men went out to hunt for the feast the Wampanoag Indians heard gunshots and feared that the Pilgrims might be preparing for war. The Chief of the tribe went to the settlement to find out the truth and when they discovered it was just for a celebration, the natives helped the Pilgrims hunt and gather and they all celebrated together for three days.
  • The Founding of the Massachusetts Bay Colony

    The Founding of the Massachusetts Bay Colony
    The Puritans of the Massachusetts Bay Company founded this colony when they decided to move the company to the New World, where they had been conducting recent business. The Puritans also took this as an opportunity to spread Christianity through the New World.
  • The First Book Published in America

    The First Book Published in America
    The Bay Psalm Book was the first book published in the American Colonies. It was printed by Stephen Daye, the first printer of the Massachusetts Bay Colony.
  • Slavery Legalized

    Slavery Legalized
    Massachusetts legalized slavery, becoming the first American Colony to do so. Although many believe Connecticut to be the first, the state did not follow Massachusetts' lead until 9 years later.
  • The Start of King Philip's War

    The Start of King Philip's War
    Sometimes known as the First Indian War, because it is the first full battle between natives and the colonists with their native allies. It was a final attempt by the Natives to fight the authority of the colonists and halt the settling of their lands.
  • The First American Newspaper is Published

    The First American Newspaper is Published
    The first colonial newspaper, Publick Occurrences Both Forreign and Domestick. There had been newspapers in England at the time, but this is the first for the American Colonies. The paper was not published regularly due to a forced shut down by the British governor.