• The Virginia Company was Established by King James.

    Colonization in the new world was necessary because of the vast opportunities that would attract money. The formation of the Virginia Company was approved by James I and was named after Queen Elizabeth, also called the Virgin Queen. This action was inspired by conquest by Cortés and that Spanish.
  • Englishman Henry Hudson was Sent to Discover the Northwest Passage.

    The Europeans dreamed of having an easy access to Asia so in response, the Dutch ordered Henry Hudson to discover the fabled Northwest Passage but, unfortunately, failed.
  • Santa Fe, which was the First Permanent European Settlement, was Established.

    Sant Fe, New Mexico was the first permanent European settlement in the Southwest. Santa Fe was founded by Don Pedro de Peralta. Santa Fe held a very dry and hostile environment which caused few Spaniards to relocate to this area.
  • Pocahontas Married John Rolfe.

    John Rolfe was an English settler and married the Powhatan's daughter, Pocahontas. This marriage brought peace between the Powhatan and the English settlers.
  • The First Box of tobacco was Sent to England From Jamestown.

    Tobacco was discovered by John Rolfe in Jamestown, Virginia. Shipping the first box of tobacco to England paved the way for Virginia becoming a hotspot for tobacco exportations. Tobacco saved Virginia from ruin.
  • The House of Burgesses was Established by the Virginia Company.

    The House of Burgesses was a limited body of representatives that met in Jamestown and was made up of white landowners.
  • The Pilgrims Founded Plymouth Colony After Sailing on the Mayflower.

    The Pilgrims were a group of Separatists that traveled from England to the New World. The Pilgrims landed and formed Plymouth Colony and seemed for freedom from the Church of England.
  • The Dutch West Trading Company Established Colonies in Africa, the Caribbean, and North America.

    The main purpose of the Dutch West Trading Company was to trade and establish colonies. The company was led by the Netherlands.
  • The First African Marriage in the New American Colonies.

    Female slaves began to be imported to the colonies, which led to the development of American Dutch families. The first official African marriage was in 1641 and from this, more and more Africans began to settle in the colonies.
  • King Phillip's War Began.

    A large number of slaves were captured and thousands of Indians were killed during King Phillip's War. This war is known to be on the bloodiest wars, per capita, in American history. The war began because of the colonists desire for more land.