• Jamestown Founded

    Jamestown Founded
    Jamestown was the first successful English Colony established in the Americas. It was located in the Virginia colony where it was the capital for many years. Its proximity to water made it very successful with trade
  • Slavery brought into America

    Slavery brought into America
    The first slaves where brought into America in 1619. They arrived in Jamestown from the English ship, White Lion. This initial landing of 20-30 slaves kickstarted slavery in the colonies which would rule for hundreds of years.
  • House of Burgesses

    House of Burgesses
    The House of Burgesses, in Virginia, was a assembly of elected officials. It was the first of its kind in the new world and the burgesses eventually helped lead the call for revolution.
  • Navigation Act of 1651

    Navigation Act of 1651
    The Navigation Act of 1651 restricted trade between the colonies and England. This put a lot of colonist into a bad financial spot and helped feed the argument towards revolution
  • King Phillips War

    King Phillips War
    King Phillips war was a war started between the colonists and the native Americans that was very gruesome and bloody. It started when King Phillips soldiers killed a puritan converted native American accusing him of "spying". This set off the war and the natives who were once allies became enemies.
  • Bacons Rebellion

    Bacons Rebellion
    Bacons Rebellion was a uprising led by Nathaniel Bacon and his militia. The attack was against the governor, William Berkley, who had failed to address the needs of several colonists. This rebellion ended up with Berkley being chased from Jamestown and the capital being torched.
  • Salem Witch Trials

    Salem Witch Trials
    The Salem Witch Trials was the period in American history where people were being accused of being witches. This was focused to the Massachusetts Bay area. Several people were executed with charges of witch craft and many more imprisoned.
  • Jamestown is Abandoned

    Jamestown is Abandoned
    The statehouse building in Jamestown burned down in 1698. A year later in 1699 the capitol of the Virginian colony moved to Williamsburg and Jamestown was left abandoned.