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    1600-1700 U.S. History

  • Jamestown established in America

    First permanent English settlement in America. It was established by the London Company in southeast Virginia.
  • Founding of House of Burgesses

    The first representative assembly in America is held in Virginia. It was an early form of representative government.
  • First African slaves brought to Virginia

    Twenty African slaves were brought to Point Comfort by an English ship. These were the first African slaves in America and they were traded for goods.
  • Pilgrims land at Plymouth Rock

    English settlers, also called the Pilgrims, travel to America on the Mayflower and land at Plymouth Rock, where the PLymouth COlony is established.
  • Mayflower Compact written

    These were the first set of laws in America and were signed by the English settlers. The Mayflower Compact helps forms the basis of the colony's government.
  • Massachusetts Bay Colony founded

    Established by the Puritans and referred to as a "city upon a hill" by John Winthrop. They did not agree with the practices of the English Church so they came where they could practice their faith the way they wanted to.
  • Pequot War

    The Pequot War started because of conflict with land and trade control. It was fought between the English settlers and the Pequot Indians.
  • Navigation Acts

    There were a series of Navigation Acts nd the first one was passed in 1651. They were passed by Britain to control trade in the American colonies.
  • King Philip's War

    This war started in 1675 and did not end until 1678. It is also known as the First Indian War and was fought between the Indians and the English. They did not want to be under the English authority and did not want the English to take their land, but they lost.
  • Bacon's Rebellion

    Nathaniel Bacon led the rebellion. He and the others in the rebellion revolted against the government and ended up burning Jameston.
  • Salem Witch Trials

    People in the Massachusetts Bay colony hunted, imprisoned, and hung women they believed were witches.