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  • Trade pursued in Asia

    The Dutch government grants the Dutch East India Company the right to pursue trade in Asia.
  • Virginia Company

    Virginia Company is founded with the hope of finding gold, silver, and other riches in the New World.
  • Jamestown

    James 1 sends three ships to Virginia to establish the first permanent English settlement in the New World, Jamestown.
  • Foundation of Quebec

    Samuel De Champlain, a French colonist, cartographer, and navigator discovers and founds Quebec.
  • Henry Hudson

    The Dutch commission the Englishman Henry Hudson to discover the fabled Northwest Passage through North America. He established the Hudson River and claimed New York for the Dutch.
  • Pocahontas

    Pocahontas marries John Rolfe which eases tensions with the Powhatan and the English immigrants.
  • Tobacco

    Tobacco is booming and the Virginia colony sends their first cargo of the noxious drug to England, spreading business to foreign countries.
  • Early slavery

    African slaves are needed for sugar harvest because they are being killed at such a quick rate.
  • Dutch West India Company

    The Netherlands chartered the Dutch West India Company in 1621 and established colonies in Africa, the Caribbean, and North America.
  • Period: to


    Puritans migrated to New England to escape persecution in England.
  • Thirty Years War

    Thirty years war finally concludes in Europe because the countries are exhausted. Germany has lost a third of its population and France and Spain are in despair. They realize that there needs to be tolerance for Catholics.
  • Period: to

    Anglo-Dutch Wars

    This is the beginning of eight major battles between the Dutch Republic and England because of commercial competition. Peace was signed in 1654
  • New Amsterdam

    At this point, New Amsterdam holds the largest urban slave population on the continent.
  • Capture of New Amsterdam

    The English seize New Amsterdam and rename it New York
  • Invention of microscope

    Dutch scientist Anton Van Leeuwenhoek discovers microscopic organisms through the invention of his homemade microscope.
  • King Phillip's War

    Colonists had an unrelenting desire to gain more land and to do that, they took out local Indians, communities, and families in the process.
  • Parliament

    After the overthrow of James 2nd Parliament rises and creates the Bill of Rights and the Toleration Acts.