• Virginia Company

    The Virginia Company is created in London and receives a Royal Charter to explore and settle the New World
  • Jamestown

    In 1607, the first perpetual English settlement was founded and named Jamestown in Virginia by the London Company.
  • Henry Hudson

    Henry Hudson is sent to to explore and navigate the 315- mile long Hudson River for the Dutch government and people.
  • Starving Times at Jamestown

    The hard times at Jamestown is called the Starving Times because throughout the winter the 500 residents of Jamestown fell to 61 due to lack of food and sickness.
  • House of Burgesses

    In 1619, the Americas held their first meeting where people deliberated and represented their population in the House of Burgesses. This is the same year the first black slaves arrived in the Americas.
  • The Plymouth Colony

    The pilgrims arrive in Massachusetts and the Plymouth Colony. They also created the Mayflower COmpact before getting off the ship.
  • The Growing Population

    The population continues to grow and reaches a new high of 50,400 people
  • New Amsterdam

    The English capture New Amsterdam and change the name to New York