• 1607

    Jamestown, the first English colony is established by the London Company in Virginia. Many of the 71 passengers on board of the Susan Constant were attempting to escape their religious persecution, and were going to create new lives for themselves in the New World.
  • 1619

    The first representative Assembly in America, The House of Burgesses, has its first meeting in Virginia, and the first African-American slaves were brought to Jamestown.
  • 1620

    The Pilgrims from England travel on the Mayflower to the New World and the Plymouth colony in Massachusetts is established. Before leaving the ship, 41 men sign the Mayflower Compact, which forms the colony's first government.
  • 1626

    Peter Minuit and Dutch colonists buys land from Indigenous peoples for approximately twenty-four dollars and names it New Amsterdam.
  • 1629

    John Winthrop is elected the of the Massachusetts Bay colony (Oct. 20), and King Charles I gives Sir Heath in North America that is later called Carolina (Oct. 30).
  • 1632

    "No taxation without representation" is first said and issued in the Massachusetts Bay Colony and the representative governments are beginning to be established. Also, King Charles I grants George Calvert (Lord Baltimore) a royal ship to found the Maryland Colony and religious freedom is to be granted in Maryland.
  • 1636

    Roger Williams, after being banished from Maryland, discovers and creates Providence, Rhode Island.
  • 1664

    The English seize New Amsterdam from the Dutch and change he name to New York.
  • 1670

    Charles Town is first established on Albemarle Point by William Sayle and Joseph West.
  • 1681

    Quaker William Penn establishes Pennsylvania, a place where people can have religious freedoms.
  • 1693

    Cherokee Chiefs go to Charles Town in Carolina to offer friendship and help from the colonists for the missing kinsman that were taken.
  • 1700

    Boston becomes the largest city in the new colonies, and the population was estimated around 275,000 people.