By franco
  • alaska boundary dispute

    alaska boundary dispute
    The alaska boundary dispute was between united states, and Canada. The fight had been about the purchase of the usa buying alaska. This was also a problem with the russia who wanted to buy alska as well. The usa bought alaska in 1846.
  • Nisga'a Land Claim

    Nisga'a Land Claim
    August 4 1998 the treaty was sign on may 4 1999, a land-claim was settled between the Nisga'a, the government of bc and the government of Canada. As part of the settlement in the Nass River valley nearly 2,000 square km of land was officially seen as Nisga'a, and a 300,000 cubic decameter water reservation was also created.
  • last best west

    last best west
    The last best west had happend when canada was giving out free land and wanted to attract people attetion. The key thing for the goverment to do was not be scared of the amercians and go though with there settlement.
  • Wilfred Laurier Becoming Prime Minister

    Wilfred Laurier Becoming Prime Minister
    Wilfred Laurier was well known for expanding confederation.Canadas first francophone prime minister. He was also known for siding with the french. prime minister from July,11,1896 to October, 5, 1911
  • Life in the City

    Life in the City
    When Canadian was getting more full of people come here, people had been taking advantage of the fact they would force extra labour and buy land and facotires. they would make alot of money from this due to that fact of the large of work needing to be done.
  • Life on the Prairies

    Life on the Prairies
    The life on the prairies was not an very easy thing to do. When the immigrants who arrived to Canada from Europe had gotten there free land they had to agree to stay in the home for three years. They also had to build a house to live in. They would get there money buy working around the city by working in the coal mine or any job they could find.
  • Boer War

    Boer War
    Thd boer wa began october, 11, 1899 and ended may 1902. The war was fought between the british and the the orange free state. this had been a big thing for the british because of the anti-insurgency tactics the army used in the region.
  • laurier boom years(arrival of new inventions)

    laurier boom years(arrival of new inventions)
    Laurier boom years had been when he had made free land for people to come to canada and live in a place with 160 akers of land for free. During the time laurier was head seat he was using new inventions.
  • saskatchewan becoming a province

    saskatchewan becoming a province
    saskatchewwan became a province on september 1 1905 its first european settler was henry kelsey in 1690. before the settlemnt of the europeans it was populated my indigenous people including members of the athabaskan, algonquian, atsina, cree, saulteaut ansd sioux tribes.
  • anti-asian riot

    anti-asian riot
    There had been riots formed by supremacist crowds, they had drove the Sikhs out of there lumber business, and they had started to come to Vancouver they did not like the Indians nor the Chinese and started a riot. They had been destroying things, and breaking apart the buildings%u2019 in Chinatown and any other kind of Asian communities that are like the Chinese.
  • Building a New Railway

    Building a New Railway
    Because of the large amount of people that had immigrated and going through to Canada it had brought a lot of things across the railway which had a big impact on the railway. The railway had a big part with getting people jobs because they had helped with the railway.
  • Naval Crisis

    Naval Crisis
    Near the end of the first decade,a lot of the Britain%u2019s were taken and convinced for the empire will survive. The Canadians would have helped pay for the construction of the new class.The Canadian imperialists, and the people who have a large English speaking had both agreed that Canada should have a part to do with the cost for the British empire.
  • Robert Borden becoming Prime Minster

    Robert Borden becoming Prime Minster
    Robert Borden born in Nova Scotia. Robert had become the eight prime minister of Canada. Robert had been prime minister from October 11 1911 until July 10 19 20.
  • Unions

    Trade union is a bunch of workers that have the same idea and things they would like to do in key working conditions, the trade union happens when only when they have leadership, bargains with the employees. What they mean by that is they would discuss there salary, working rules, and so on. This would be talked to by the union leaders.
  • womens movement

    womens movement
    The women jobs back in the day were not to work the farms there job was to stay and take care of the house. They were to take care of there husband and kids. The woman could not even vote. The men had finally agreed to let the women vote and Manitoba had become the first place for women to vote.
  • Immigration issues Chinese, Komagata Maru

    Immigration issues Chinese, Komagata Maru
    The issue with immigration was the dominate of the white. Both the united states and Canada were told not to let the flow of Asians, nor the black or the brown. In 1900 around 2050 Indians also known as Punjabis had settled in Canada trying to find work. Komagata Maru was a boat that would bring the Asians a Indians over but only about 300 of them could fit onto this boat so very few could get on.
  • alberta becoming a province

    alberta becoming a province
    F.W.G. Haultain , Premier of the Territories wanted there to be one big province. Laurier still wanted to controll natural resources, like public lands, was essential to encourage immigration. The two territories spilt and became a province on septemeber 1 1905
  • immigration to the prairies

    immigration to the prairies
    The immigration on the prairies was different then other places because it was not a big land it had been split into the northwest territories. They had given away free land and to be a farmer it cost 10$, that would go for the male but if u were a female you would have to pay 5000 dollars for the same amount of land.