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  • Website Launch

    Website Launch
    The first official release of Humanworkshop.com, offering music and samples made by Humanworkshop artist BASIC, Remus and Leisure-B Humanworkshop.com
  • CD Release: Humanworkshop - #1

    CD Release: Humanworkshop - #1
    The first release on Humanworkshop Records featured 4 Tracks by Leisure-B, 4 tracks by Remus and 6 tracks by BASIC. Humanworkshop #1
  • New Website Release

    New Website Release
    Updated version of the website, as well as introduction of the new identity, designed and developed by Nicolas Trottier. Humanworkshop.com
  • CD Release: Remus - The 5th Season

    CD Release: Remus - The 5th Season
    After the success of Humanworkshop #1, this release focusses on the border between electronic and acoustic music. The 5th Season
  • CD Release: BASIC - Do You Know The Word

    CD Release: BASIC - Do You Know The Word
    This 3rd release by BASIC symbolises the intellectual gangster attitude so commonly associated with the Label. <a href='http://www.humanworkshop.com/index.php?modus=music&sub=shop&item=do_you_know_the_word'target="_blank">Do You Know The Word</a>
  • Humanworkshop update 2.0

    Humanworkshop update 2.0
    The new website with complete makeover and playmate.