13 colonies map

Looking Ahead at the 13 Colonies

By NyaLB
  • Roanoke Island

    Roanoke Island
    Queen Elizabeth allowed Raleigh to send over a 100 men to Roanoke Island after it was found to be a perfect place to settle. They ended up not being too friendly with the people who lived there and they ended up killing the chief. They left a year later, after they were unable to to harvest and ran out of supplies.
  • Chesapeake Bay Settlement

    Chesapeake Bay Settlement
    Raleigh became angry when he heard about the fifteen men who took over the and they founded in 1585. He sent Simon Fernandez and over a 100 people (including women and children) to start a permanent settlement close Chesapeake Bay. The men were already killed when they got there.
  • Virginia's James River

    Virginia's James River
    Twenty years later 100 men landed on the banks of Virginia's James River which was not healthy to drink. John Smith ordered his people to build a fort of protection. When the winter storm hit Smith's people were unable to continue their settlement because they were running out of food and getting sick. 60 men survived all the hardships amd established Jamestown, the first English colony in America.
  • Captain Smith Health Declining

    Captain Smith Health Declining
    Captin Smith had to return to England because he became ill. The relations between the settles and Powhatan nation declined.
  • Big Year For Jamestown

    Big Year For Jamestown
    This was a big year for Jamestown. The House of Burgesses was established. The black indentured servants arrived to work the land that would later be owed and others worked for the opportunity to come to the New World. These servants were really needed in the Southern Colonies because of the cash crops which helped to boost their economy. These people became slaves. They started dying from being over worked and getting diseases. The new slaves were from Africa.
  • Mayflower

    People had to protect themselves during the bad weather on the Mayflower. The people had to live on salted beef, dried biscuits called "hard tack", and other dried vegetables until they could cook on deck. They were on the Mayflower for 2 months sailing from England to the New World. They came to the new world for religious freedom.
  • Thanksgiving

    The Pilgrims now had an abundance of food and they were no longer starving. The Pilgrims spent there first Thankgiving in their colony. Governor William Bradford held a celebration feast after a successful harvast. The Pilgrims shared their harvest food with the Wampanogs.
  • The Great Migration

    The Great Migration
    http://www.landofthebrave.info/middle-colonies.htm This was the mass migration of the English to Americas between 1630 to 1640.
  • Pennsylvania

    King Charles II gave the Quarker land in the New World southwest of New Jersey. Initially it was called Sylvania which meant "woods", it later became Pennsylvania. Free and fair trial by jury, freedom from unjust imprisonments, as well as freedom of religion and elections was granted in Pennsylvania. This attracted a lot of people from a wide variety of nations.
  • The Glorious Revolution

    The Glorious Revolution
    http://www.landofthebrave.info/middle-colonies.htm William lll and Mary ll replaced James ll as monarch of England this was The Glorious Revolution.