13 colonies

  • Virginia

    In 1607 John Smith found Virginia.
  • Massachusetts

    In 1620 pilgrims landed in Massachusetts.
  • New Hampshire

    New Hampshire
    In 1629 settlers from Massachusetts found New Hampshire.It is a royal colony
  • Delaware

    In 1631 Peter Minuit found Delaware.They were quakers
  • Maryland

    In 1632 Lord Baltimore found Maryland
  • Connecticut

    In 1636 Thomas Hooker found Connecticut.Some of the jobs in Connecticut was sailors,farm hands and servants
  • Rhode island

    Rhode island
    Rhode island was found by Roger Williams.
  • New Jersey

    New Jersey
    New Jersey was found by sir george carteret.They were quakers
  • New York

    New York
    In 1664 New York was found by the duke of york.They were a royal colony
  • Pennsylvania

    In 1681 Pennsylvania was found by William Penn