13 Colonies

  • Massachusetts

    Founder: Pilgrims & Puritans
    Type of Colony: Charter
    Purpose of Colony: Religious freedom
  • Massachussetts Featured

    The Mayflower Compact was the first case of colonial self-government in America Direct democracy was when people vote on policy initiatives directly
  • New Hampshire Featured

    Exeter Compact was signed in 1639 by the settlers of New Hampshire to unite townships Also the had a plan for government
  • New Hampshire

    Date: 1623 & 1624
    Founder: John Mason
    Purpose of Colony: Fishing Colony
  • Rhode Island

    Date: 1636 &1663
    Founder: Roger Williams & Anne hutchinson
    Purpose of Colony: Religious Freedom
  • Rhode Island Featured

    The Seperation of church and state is the divison in the relationship between systematic religion and the nation state
  • Connecticut

    Date: 1639 &1662
    Founder: Thomas Hooker & Winthrope
    Purpose of Colony: Religion and Political freedom
  • Connecticut Featured

    The Fundamental order of Connecticut were adopted by the Connecticut Colony council on January 14, 1638 by then a number of pilgrims were tormented because of their religious dogma