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The Sweet Life of Obi Kenobi (Superpup)

  • Obi is born!

    I was not an educated dog owner when I bought Obi from what turned out to be a dog broker. At one time, I did trace Obi's licensing information and believe he came from an Amish puppy mill. For more information on Amish pupp mills follow this link:
  • Period: to

    Important dates in the life of Obi Kenobi Super-Jedi Pup

  • Summer with The Pup!

    Summer with The Pup!
  • Obi Gets A Brother!

    Obi Gets A Brother!
    Wendell is the most expensive toy ever!
  • Summer In Our New Home

    Summer In Our New Home
  • Christmas 2009

    Christmas 2009
    Those cookies waz for who?