World War 1 Timeline

  • Treaty of Brest-Litovsk

    The Battle of Brześć Litewski also called the Battle of Brest-Litovsk was an action between the Poles and the Germans in September 1939.
  • Founding of the Triple Alliance(central powers)

    military alliance between Germany, Austria–Hungary, and Italy that lasted from 1882 until the start of World War I in 1914.
  • Founding of the Triple Entente

    Germany, Austria hungary, and italy are the bad guys. Great Britain, France, and russia are the alliances
  • Assaination of Archduke Ferdinand

    Killed by the man with the black hand.
  • Sinking of the Lusitania

    The sinking of the Lusitania enraged Americans and hastened the United States' entrance into World War I.
  • Battle of Verdun

    The German siege of Verdun and its ring of forts, which comprised the longest battle of the First World War, has its roots in a letter sent by the German Chief of Staff, Erich von Falkenhayn, to the Kaiser, Wilhelm II, on Christmas Day 1915.
  • 2nd Battle of The Marne

    The Second Battle of the Marne was the turning point of the First World War on the Western Front.
  • Armistice ends World War 1

    Germany made an agreement to stop fighting until a treaty was signed.
  • USA Declares War on Germany

    the President of the United States publicly declared that he had ordered the American Navy and Air Force to shoot on sight at any German war vessel.
  • 1st Battle of the Marne

    Battle fought between 5 and 12 September 1914. It resulted in an Allied victory against the German Army under Chief of Staff Helmuth von Moltke the Younger.