Rwanda flag


  • The beginning for Rwanda

    The beginning for Rwanda
    Hanning Speke is the first European explorer to explore the area
  • Rwanda joins German east Africa

    Rwanda joins German east Africa
    Rwanda joins German east Africa
  • Occupation of Rwanda

    Occupation of Rwanda
    Belgium's troops force and occupy Rwanda
  • Independence

    Rwanda proclaims independence
  • Cultural mixes

    Cultural mixes
    Rwanda becomes independent with a Hutu, Gregoire Kayibanda, as president; many Tutsis leave the country.
  • More new stuff

    More new stuff
    The new constitution ratified; Habyarimana elected pres.
  • Period: to

    Healthcare in action

    Rwanda begins creating projects, including maternal healthcare, forestry and water and sanitation activities to help develope the country
  • Violence arises

    Violence arises
    About 50,000 Hutu civilians flee to Rwanda from Burundi following violence there

    Forces of the rebel, manly Tutsis, RPF (Rwanda Patriotic Front) invade Rwanda from Uganda
  • End of Civil war

    End of Civil war
    Pres. Habyarinana signs a power sharing agreement with the Tutsis and the Tanzanian town of Arusha, ostensibly signally the end of Civil war, UN mission sent to monitor the peace agree ment
  • Period: to

    Taken over

    The refugee camps stationed in Zaire fall under control of Hutu Maltia
  • Massacre of millions

    Massacre of millions
    Habyarimana and the Burundian presidents are killed after their plane is shot down over Kigali; RPF launches a major offensive; extremest Hutu malitia and elements of the Rwanda military begin the sistimatic massacre of tutsis. Within 100 days around 800,000 Tutsis and moderate Hutus are killed; Hutu malitia's flee to Zaire, taking with them around 2,000,000 hutu refuges
  • Start anew

    Start anew
    A new national anthem and flag are created to show a new national unity
  • Period: to

    Poverty Readuction Strategy Papers introduced

    Rwanda was in a period of rehabilitating and reconstructing thier economy