Diminishing Progress

By extend
  • Anthony Johnson owns land

    Anthony Johnson bought his way out of slavery. Then he bought his own land. Anthony eventually owned 250 acres of land. In 1665 Anthony sold the 250 acres and leased a 300 acre area of land. Anthony dies five years later.
  • Act XII

    This act says that the cild af an enslaved mother was a slave for life. The English tradition was that the child got his status (whether or not he was a slave) from his father.
  • Act III

    This act said that the baptism of slaves doesn't free them from bondage. This only applied to slaves born in Virginia. Since Christianity was important to the English slave masters were encouraged to Christianise their slaves.
  • Act I

    This act said that punishment for a slave would be killing the slave since the time of service couldn't be extended. This law represents the loss of protection for a slave's life.
  • Africans lose all of their rights

    All enslaved men, women, and children are described as property. This meant they had no rights at all.