Roller Coaster History

By Fuzzy
  • Period: to

    17th Centruy to Present Day

  • The first wheeled coaster was built by the Russians sometime in 1784

    The first wheeled coaster was build sometime in 1784
  • Some time in 1817, two coasters were built in France

    The name of the coasters were Les Montagues, and Promenades Aeriennes.
  • Sometime in 1878

    Sometime in 1878, Richard Knudsen patented the "Improvement in Inclined Railways"
  • Sometime in 1884

    The Switchback Railway opened in the spring of 1884 at Coney Island in Brooklyn,
  • Sometime late in 1884

    Charles Alcoke created a coaster that was a complete circuit.
  • Sometime in the Spring of 1885

    In the spring of 1885 Phillip Hinkle developed the concept of the "lift hill."
  • LaMarcus Adna Thompson patented the first coasters on January 20, 1885

  • Sometime in 1897

    In 1897 Captain Paul Boyton opened a collection of attractions called "Sea Lion Park."
  • Sometime in 1995

    Twister II opened
  • Present Day Roller Coasters

    Today rollercoasters are just amazing. They are very high in the air(such as Montu) and are very thrilling to ride. They feature loops, inversions, and various turns. Rollercoasters are the center of most theme and amusement parks!