Dorothy's Life

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    Less fat

  • My Wedding

    My Wedding
    On May 26th, 2007, I married Justin Davis in Austin, TX.
  • PFLEX starts

    PFLEX starts
    PFLEX program starts. I got a cheetah. Not really, just thought I should justify this picture.
  • Briefly Thin

    Briefly Thin
    Last summer, I was briefly thinnish... Not important, but I have this one picture to prove it.
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    More fat and Preggo

  • I'm Preggo!

    I'm Preggo!
    On 10/25/2010, we found out I am having a boy!
  • 3D Baby Pictures

    3D Baby Pictures
    24 weeks- cool 3D picture. They tell me that's not really his foot by his face, but is the back of his hand.
  • Due Date

    C-section Scheduled for 7:00 am.