History of Chocolate

  • Mar 24, 1492

    What are these?

    What are these?
    Columbus returns from his voyage. King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella were presented with many strange and wonderful things… the few dark brown beans that looked like almonds didn’t get a lot of attention.
  • Across the Sea

    Across the Sea
    The first shipment of beans intended for the market makes it to Spain.
  • Cocoa as Currency

    Cocoa as Currency
    200 small cocoa beans were valued at 1 Spanish real, or 4 cents.
  • New Trends

    New Trends
    An Avant Guard, London Coffee House called At the Coffee Mill and Tobacco Roll, goes down in the annals of history for serving chocolate in cakes, and also in rolls… in the Spanish style.
  • Chocolate in America

    Chocolate in America
    Diligently forging the concept of Democracy, Americans take time out to discover Chocolate.
  • Production in the USA

    Production in the USA
    The production of chocolate proceeded at a faster pace than anywhere else in the world. It was in pre-Revolutionary New England.
  • Machine-made

    The first machine-made chocolate is produced in Barcelona.
  • Melts in Your Mouth

    Melts in Your Mouth
    Rodolphe Lindt of Berne, Switzerland, invented "conching", a means of heating and rolling chocolate to refine it. After chocolate has been conched for 72 hours and has more cocoa butter added to it, chocolate becomes "fondant" and it melts in your mouth!
  • CMA

    The Chocolate Manufacturers Association of the United States of America (CMA) was organized in.
  • Business

    The New York Cocoa Exchange, located at the World Trade Center, was begun so that buyers and sellers could get together for transactions.