U to C timeline

By Ruffles
  • Julilly and Liza reach St. Catherines; Julilly is reunited with Mammy Sally and Lester.

  • Julilly gets sold to Sims; Jullily and Mammy Sally are separated.

  • Sims and Co. stop at a river; Jullily and the rest of the slaves meets the free black man and the Quaker Abolitionist,

  • Sims and Co. reach the Riley plantation near Vicksburg, Mississipi

  • Alexander Ross, a Canadian ornithologist, arrives on the Riley plantation

  • Ross and a small collection of slaves (Lester, Adam, Julilly and Liza) dicuss plans about escaping to Canada

  • Julilly and Co. attempt to escape the plantation.

  • Julilly and Co. reach Tennessee

  • Adam and Lester get caught by the slave hunters.

  • Julilly and Liza met Jeb Brown and his family.

  • Julilly and Liza meet Levi Coffin; the 'president' of the Underground Railroad

  • Julilly and Liza meets the captain of the Mayflower, and they set forth across Lake Erie.

  • Julilly and Liza finally reaches Canada