Pre-Confederation leading up the the BNA Act by Tana Y and Alan G

  • Sir John a Macdonald Childhood

    In 1820 John Macdonald set foot on North American soil after being at sea for 42 days with a boatload of other immigrants
  • Law Office

    John a Macdonald's always wanted to be a lawyer so he opened a law office
  • Canada United

    Canada United
    Upper and Lower canada were united into the province of Canada
  • John Macdonald II

    John and his wife Isabella had their first baby John Macdonald II
  • John Macdonald II Death

    John Macdonald II died today just 1 year old
  • Riots

    Citizens of Toronto did not want the new Capital to be in Montreal because of Riots that had happened in 1849
  • Hugh John

    Hugh John
    John's second son was born in 1850 but after his birth his wife fell ill
  • New President

    Sir John a Macdonald was elected Prime Minister of the Province of Canada
  • Isabella Macdonald Death

    Isabella Macdonald Death
    John's Wife died after being ill for 7 years
  • Opposition

    during the 1860s it was impossible to get any bills posted because both the government and the Opposition had the same amount of seats in the Assembly
  • Machinery

    during the early 1860s the machinery of the government came to a halt political deadlock
  • Population

    by 1861 the population of Canada West was greater than Canada East
  • Macdonald Defeat

    Macdonald Defeat
    Macdonald's government wa defeated by 2 votes and he could have called for an election but it wouldn't have changed anything but he was saved by George Brown
  • Population

    Canada West Population was 1525000
    and Canada East was 1123000