Unspoken title

The Unspoken Thomas Fahy

  • Jacob starts the "Divine Path"

    Jacob calls all the adults in town to the abandoned church to begin his "Cult"
  • Allison and her friends set fire to the camp

    Allison and her friends drench the border of Jacob's hut cabin with oil and set it on fire. The parents die as the church collapses on them. The "Doctor" survives.
  • Foster Families

    All the kids are sent off to different foster families in the area seeing as they don't have families anymore.
  • The email...

    Allison and all her friends from the camp receive and email that Harold, the son of Jacob, has died.
  • The Funeral

    Allison and her friends reunite at the funeral of Harold.
  • The Hotel

    The kids rent out two hotel rooms about a mile from the funeral house...
  • Emma

    Emma is found dead in her room with her eyeballs gone and scorch marks around the sockets...
  • Jade

    Jade is found dead in her car with both her hands chopped off and missing.
  • Ike

    Ike is found near the hotel nailed to a cross. His face is bloody and scorched mildly. Ike then catches on fire and burns to his death.
  • The Doctor

    David and Allison, the only two remaining children from the camp, find the "Doctor's" home.
  • Buried Alive

    The "Doctor" buries David alive and chases Allison into the house.
  • The End...OR NOT

    David escapes and Allison stabs the doctor. After Allison brings David into the house to see the doctor's body, they find a trail of blood that leads to a small room. There, the trail ends but the doctor's body is gone, and there is a mirror with bloody writing on it. It has the number 93-The amount of days left until the year ends, the day Jacob prophesized the world would end.................