Diminishing progress: The story behind slavery

By jakob64
  • Court Doc. A

    Court Doc. A
    Anthony johnson legaly acquires land from his master. This confirms that african-americans were not slaves in the beginning but indentured servants.
  • Period: to

    Rise in position of Anthony Johnson

    These two court documents show the rising position of Anthony Johnson from indentured servant to slave owner.
  • Court Doc. C

    Court Doc. C
    Anthony johnson petitions for and is granted his escaped slave, john casar. This shows that courts were not completely biased and would rule in favor of an African-American.
  • Period: to

    Rest Time

    Few laws were passed during this time and none were as major as the ones in the 1670-1705 time span.
  • Act IV

    Act IV
    African-Americans are no longer allowed to purchase christian slaves. This severely limits the amount of slaves African americans have available to them.
  • Period: to

    Rights reduction

    In this period laws were passed to reduce the rights of first slaves and then eventually freemen.
  • Act VIII

    Act VIII
    This act allows the suppression of runaway or suspected runaway slaves by any means possible including deadly force. This poses the danger of mistaken shooting with no recompensation.
  • Act IV

    Act IV
    Prevents ANY African-Americans from bearing office. This represents a limit in freemen's rights and signals the end of any real influence. It is also the first major law directed at freemen and not slaves.