Diminishing Progress of African Americans (Anthony Johnson)

By anjp
  • Act X

    At this certain time, Negroes couldn’t own any arms. Before this act was passed, all people couls own arms. This is important because this law takes away an African American’s safety and their ability to hunt food. Before this act was passed, African Americans and whites were actually considered equal.
  • Court Case Document A

    As Edwyn Conaway states, he was at Captain Taylor’s house when he saw Captain Taylor and Anthony Johnson the negroe going into the Corne Field. They divided the land between him and Anthony Johnson. So Anthony Johnson acquires land in the North Hampton County. This shows that African Americans could own land at one time and could create a place for themselves.
  • Act III

    When this law was passed, slaves that converted to Christian to set themselves free were still in bondage for life. African Americans had a chance to be free, even if it meant to give up your own religion and culture. Now, even if they were baptized, African Americans are still in bondage for life. I think this is good and bad because now they don't have to give up their religion but then they can't set themselves free.
  • Act I

    This Act states that if slaves do not obey their owners, they will be given a harsh punishment and be killed. Now, the white owners are taking away the slaves right to stand up for themselves. If the white owners are wrong and the slaves are trying to correct them for their own good, they will just be killed when they were trying to do a good deed. This probably started to make the slaves very mad.
  • Act IV

    These chapters of laws state who cannot bear office. These group of people included African Americans and all negroes. I think this brought an end to the diminishing progress of African Americans because there was nothing else to take away from African Americans. All they can be is slaves in bondage for life, not able to hunt for food, and have los os safety.