Diminishing Progress

By AbellH
  • Period: to

    Life of Anthony Johnson and Sons

    Anthony Johnson was a successful man. He was Black, but owned two servants, 250 acres of land, and a lot of cattle and livestock.He had a few children who grew up living nothing like how Anthony did.Many laws were made that decreased the social status of Negroes, Mulatto, and Indians. This is called diminishing progress, and here is how it happened.
  • Court Documents B and C

    Court Documents B and C
    Anthony petitions for his servant John Casar, because his 8 years of service were over. Later in the year he went back to court over John and got him back as a slave even though he started out as an indentured servant. It was not unusual for a black man to win a case. Racial profiling would become more extreme in the near future.
  • Act XII

    Act XII
    This law indicates that if a slave woman had a child the child would also be a slave regardless of the father’s social status. This would mean even though Anthony’s children were free his descendents might not be. This would especially affect his grandchildren since Anthony was free. In time many Africans would be slaves.
  • Act III

    Act III
    This law said that if a slave is baptized they will not be freed. This law was created so that they will not have to release slaves, and they will not feel guilty about owning Christian slaves. When Anthony became a Christian he was an indentured servant. It changed so much that they will be slaves for life, unless they escape. Slaves may have thought this would be their saving grace since their children would not be freed. With this law they would lose hope.
  • Act I

    Act I
    This law made killing slaves okay without having to go to court. From the time when Anthony won a court case against a white man to this, things have changed a lot. If a slave was killed the master would not have to go to court. This law took away their right to speak their mind. Anthony’s descendants would have few, if any ,rights.
  • Chapter IV

    Chapter IV
    This act stated that Negroes, mulatto, and Indians will not hold any positions of authority.They weren't aloud to make big decisions. Everyone would make decisions for them. In Anthony’s younger days they could be whatever they wanted to be. Anthony’s children would only get the bad jobs if they were not turned into slaves. This is the second to last step in the complete discrimination of Negroes, mulatto, and Indians.
  • Chapter XXII

    Chapter XXII
    This law proclaimed that Negroes, mulatto, and Indians were to serve a white master. This is the last step in the complete discrimination of these people. This is the complete opposite of how Anthony won a case against a white man, and got his indentured servant as a slave.
  • Chapter XXII continued

    Chapter XXII continued
    For a long time these races would be spat upon by society, and treated like filth. Eventually though things would finally look up for these races. Until then nothing would change much.