The Case of Anthony Johnson: Diminishing Progress from Father to Son

By kentk
  • Anthony the Negro Aquires Land in Northampton County

    After Anthony Johnson is set free along with his wife and kids, he buys land. He owns a lot of land, a small herd of cattle, and two slaves. This comes to show that at this point in time, Negroes were almost considered completely equal with the white men and had a real position in society as average citizens. Discrimination seems to be seldom present here.
  • Anthony Johnson appears in Court

    Anthony Johnson, a Negro, took George Parker, a white man, to court for his slave, John Casar, and won, which, at this time period, is considered completely normal. This represents that discrimination might have appeared here, for George Parker may have seen an advantage against Anthony based on his skin color and the judge did not seem to believe in such an advantage. That means that Anthony actually stood a fair chance in court.
  • The Brief Description of the Happenings after Anthony Johnson's Death

    After Anthony Johnson's death, his oldest son was deeded 50 acres of his land. A group of white men said that Anthony "was a Negro and by consequence an alien." So the deeded land was given to a local farmer. This shows that discrimination is becoming even more concentrated in the minds of the white men and the Johnsons will have to find new land to own.
  • Act IV

    Act IV declares that "noe Negroes nor Indians to buy Christian servants." This shows that laws going against Negros are starting to get harsher and harsher for each law that is made. It makes getting slaves easier for the white men because there are many Christian slaves now not in service with freed slaves and Indians (Native Americans). This law is forcing the free slaves to work on their own and make a living.The Johnsons are now supposedly living a hard life.
  • Act XXII

    "An act declaring the Negro, Mulatto, and Indian slaves within this dominion, to be real estate." People of African or Native American descent will now all be property to be owned by the pure white men. This shows the final sign that there will not be any freedom for the people of African or Indian descent for a very long time.