Events leading up to World War One

  • Guarantee of Belgium Neutrality – This document guaranteed that France, Russia, Prussia, Austria and Great Britain would recognize Belgium as an independent and neutral country

  • -10 May 1971, The Franco-Prussian War breaks out, Prussia emerges victorious. This heightens tensions between France and Prussia.

  • The German Empire is created out of Prussia. Kaiser Wilhelm I takes the throne.

  • France was obligated to sign a degrading treaty with Germany to officially end the war.

  • 1879: The Dual Alliance was an Austro-German treaty which stated that the countries would support each other if Russia were to wage war on them

  • Three Emperor's League– The original alliance between Austria-Hungary, Germany, and Russia was secretly renewed.

  • Austro-Serbian Alliance – Austria-Hungary made an alliance with Serbia because they wanted to soothe tensions of the Slavic peoples

  • The Triple Alliance- this secret agreement was established between Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy to state that the three countries would come to each other’s aid if attacked.

  • The Austro-Romanian Alliance –This alliance strengthened both countries, especially Austria-Hungary because they already had an alliance with Russia and Germany

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  • -1885, The Berlin Conference - This conference was held to divide Africa up into sections that European countries colonized. Many countries involved in World War One attended.

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  • Tsar Nicholas was crowned king of Russia – This gave Russia the King that would start their involvement in World War One. He was Cousins with the Czar and King George V – hear to the British Throne.

  • Wilhelm II becomes Emperor of Germany – This gave Germany the Kaiser that would initiate their involvement in World War One.

  • - 1913, The Anglo-German Naval Race – The English and the Germans start to focus on strengthening their naval fleets.

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  • The Franco-Russian Alliance – This alliance assured both countries support from the other if attacked by the Triple Alliance

  • Queen Victoria dies, King George V takes over. This king would see Britain through World War One.

  • The Entente Cordiale- An agreement made to form friendship and understanding between Britain and France.

  • -2 Jan 1905, The Russo-Japanese War- Japan destroyed the entire Russian army which surprised the rest of the world and humiliated Russia.

  • he Triple Entente – Russia joined Britain and France from the Entente Cordiale to form the Triple Entente in fear of Germany’s rising power. The Anglo-Russian entente lead to this.

  • The Anglo-Russian Agreement.- Great Britain and Russia agreed to leave Persia alone as a neutral country.

  • Austria-Hungary annexes Bosnia which was formerly under control of the Ottoman Empire.

  • -Oct 1912, Turkish-Italian War.- Also known as the The Tripolitan War. Conflict between the Ottoman Turks and the Italians

  • - 30 May 1913, The First Balkan War.- A war between Turkey, Greece, Serbia, Bulgaria, and Montenegro. Turkey lost and lost all of its European ‘possessions’.

  • Anglo-French Naval Agreement- An agreement that promised Britain’s protection of French coastlines from German attack. The French agreed to protect the Suez Canal in return.

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  • Woodrow Wilson sworn in as US president. This gave the United Staes the President that would see them through the war.

  • -31 July 1913, The Second Balkan War.- Bulgaria wanted more territory, so they fought with their allies to get it. Romania got Bulgarian capital Sofia. Bulgaria lost Adrianople to Turkey.

  • Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary assassinated in Sarajevo by a Serbian activist. Most people state that this is what started World War I.