Kiona Mi Bebesito

By kemayo
  • Date of Birth

    Date of Birth
    Kiona Andrea Mayo was born on this day! Life immediately changed for her mommy and daddy.
  • Period: to

    Monthly Development

  • 1 Month Old

    1 Month Old
    Resting on my dad's belly sipping on milk. Yummy!
  • 2 months

    2 months
    Smiling at mommy while moving my hands and feet! Fun times!
  • 4 months

    4 months
    Sitting up in my Bumbo seat. Y'all can't stop me!
  • 5 months old

    5 months old
    I'm holding my bottle, oh yeah!
  • 6 months

    6 months
    I just finshed my six months shots. Not cool!