Muhammed Ali

  • Birth of Cassius Clay

    Muhammed was bron with the name Cassius Clay
  • Period: to

    Muhammed Ali's timeline

    Muhammed Ali's
  • WWII Ends

  • Cassius gets boxing lessons

  • Wins a light-heavy weight gold medal at the summer olympics in Rome

  • Cassius wins first pro fight

  • Cassius Clay changes his name to Muhammed Ali

  • Muhammed Ali Marries to Sonjii Roi

  • Muhammed refuses induction into U.S army

  • Muhammed marries to Belinda Boyd

  • Muhammed marries to Veronica Porsche

  • Muhammed retires from boxing

  • Muhammed plays boxing again

  • Muhammed get parkinson decease

  • Muhammed lights olympic fire Atlanta

  • Muhammed receives the medal of citizens

  • Muhammed receives the medal of freedom