Lancaster Manor timeline

  • County buys Sait Elizabeth Hospital

    Lancaster County spends $530,000 to buy the former Saint Elizabeth Hospital at 1145 South St. and open a nursing home.
  • New Lancaster Manor opens

    New Lancaster Manor opens west of the former hospital.
  • Lancaster Manor Foundation forms

    Lancaster Manor Foundation forms to raise money for manor projects and programs.
  • State officials ban new admissions

    State health officials ban new admissions for 90 days because of serious problems.
  • Larry Van Hunnik is appointed administrator

  • Manor gets excellent inspection report

    Manor gets an excellent inspection report from state health officials.
  • Saint Elizabeth Hospital razed

    Old Saint Elizabeth Hospital is razed, but its historic appendage, St. Francis Chapel, is spared and later refurbished.
  • Ron Fetters hired as temporary administrator

    Van Hunnik retires and Ron Fetters is hired as temporary administrator. He later is named administrator.
  • Fetters resigns

    Fetters resigns; Deputy Chief Administrative Officer Gwen Thorpe is named interim administrator.
  • Manor billing problems

    County board discusses manor billing problems and potential losses of $300,000 to $400,000 a month; commissioners decide to explore options, including leasing or selling the manor, new management and hiring new administrator.
  • Advisory committee created

    County board appoints advisory committee to evaluate proposals, including a sale. Five entities submit proposals, but only one -- from Hunter Management, a private company based in Evanston, Ill. -- is for purchase of the manor.
  • Committee recommends sale

    After lengthy study, committee recommends "structured" sale.
  • Public hearing/rally

    Nearly 200 people, mostly manor employees and relatives of residents, attend public hearing on advisory committee report; union rally outside County-City Building attracts about 75, mostly manor employees.
  • County board votes for sale

    County board votes 4-1 to pursue sale. Commissioner Larry Hudkins votes no. Board appoints subcommittee to come up with talking points for potential sale.
  • Lancaster Manor placed on probation

    Lancaster Manor is placed on probation by the state after inspectors find nine care-related problems.
  • Foley releases audit

    State Auditor Mike Foley releases audit report saying, among other things, that the nursing home lost more than $2 million in two years because of bad management and inadequate accounting.
  • County board votes to sell manor

    County board votes 4-1 to sell manor for $8,050,000 to Hunter Management. Hudkins opposes.
  • Lawsuit filed to stop sale

    Union President Kim Kaspar files lawsuit to stop sale.
  • Lancaster Manor Rehabilitation Center begins

    Lancaster Manor Rehabilitation Center, a new Nebraska company established by Hunter Management, takes over day-to-day operations, leasing property until sale is finalized. Target date is June 1.
  • New administrator fixes problems

    New administrator Keith Fickenscher and his staff corret the nine care-related problems that led to the probation.
  • Judge rules on suit

    Lancaster County District Judge Karen Flowers rules against Kaspar and says county board was within rights to sell.
  • Completes probationary period

    Lancaster Manor completes 90-day probationary period imposed by state Department of Health and Human Services.
  • Hunter Management granted extension

    County board amends sales contract and grants extension to Hunter Management, which wants to close by Oct. 15. However, the Rothner family must provide a letter of financial assurance by Aug. 15.
  • Sale is closed

    County Board and Hunter Management close on the sale of Lancaster Manor. After returning about $4.2 million to the state, earmarking $1 million for future improvements and taking care of other obligations, the county will net about $2.6 million from the sale.
  • Foundation dissolves

    Lancaster Manor Foundation dissolves and transfers $100,000 to The Senior Foundation.
  • Defamation lawsuit filed

    Hunter Management files a defamation lawsuit against the nursing home's international and local employee union seeking $100,000 in damages from each.
  • Endowment fund recommended

    Nine-member Lancaster Manor Proceeds Committee recommends that the county create an endowment fund with the $2.6 in proceeds from the manor sale and seek proposals from nonprofit organizations and government entities to manage it.
  • Public apology as part of suit

    A representative of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees International makes a public apology to Hunter Management and the Rothner Family as part of defamation lawsuit settlement.
  • Annual survey finds no probationary problems

    Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services completes annual survey of manor. A handful of care-related problems were found but nothing to warrant probation. The problems have been corrected.