The Rams

By Huntero
  • First World Championship

    Cleveland Rams win 15-14 over Washington Redskins for their first world championship
  • Move to L.A.

    Rams pack their bags and move to Los Angeles.
  • Baltimore goes down

    Rams defeat Baltimore Colts 70-27 in their Memorial Coliseum stadium first team in NFL history.
  • Fluke title game

    Rams lose title game, 14-0 against Eagles due to sloppy wet stadium.
  • First World Tite in L.A.

    Rams win their first world title since moving to Los Angeles.
  • Colts owner takes over

    After several bad seasons and some okay, The Baltimore Colts owner buys out the Los Angeles Rams franchise and dismisses all coaches.
  • Dominating the West

    Rams win third straight conference game (West) they hold a 34-8 record over the last three years.
  • 4-peat

    Rams win 4th straight West title. Merlin Olsen is invited to 14th Pro Bowl! Franchise record
  • Playoffs?

    Rams miss playoffs, for the first time in 9 years.
  • Eric DIckerson

    Eric Dickerson finishes season with 2,105 rushing yards.
  • Superstar lose

    Rams lose title game to the Bears, Nine Rams invited to the Pro Bowl, and 9 players play.
  • Stl. here we come

    Rams move to St. Louis, play in Busch Stadium for 4 games. Edward Jones Dome is created for the Rams team in St. Louis
  • Packers who? Patriots...

    Rams beat Packers 45-17 to advance to Super Bowl XXXVI. They lose to Patriots by a last second LUCKY field goal.
  • Sam Bradford

    After many upsetting seasons and bad days.. Rams select Sam Bradford out of the university of Alabama with the first overall pick of the 2010 draft.