Causes of WWI by Jon and Colton

  • British Naval Blockade

    The British blocked off the German coast and deprived them of food and supplies.
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    WWI Timeline

  • Lusitania Sinking

    Lusitania Sinking
    A U-boat sank the British liner, the "Lusitania," off the southern coast of Ireland. 1,198 people dies and 128 were American.
  • Arabic Sinking

    Another U-boat sank a British liner, the "Arabic," drowing two Americans. America protested for no more passanger ships to be sank.
  • Sussex Sinking

    Germany broke its promise and destroyed a French passanger boat, the "Sussex." It had 80 passangers injured and killed, including Americans.
  • "He Kept Us Out Of War"

    The quote that helped re-elect President Woodrow Wilson
  • Peace Without Victory

    ...a peace between equals, neither side would impose harsh terms on the other.
  • Resumption Of Unrestricted Submarine Warfare

    The German's would sink all ships in British waters if they were hostile or neutral.
  • Zimmerman Note

    Germany would help Mexico regain the lost territory.
  • Sinking Of Four Unarmed American Merchant Ships

    Germany destroyed four of our largest merchant ships.
  • Overthrow Of Nicholas II

    The Russians replaced him with representative government.
  • President Wilson's War Message

    Wilson wanted war because property can be paid for but the lives of innocent people cannot be.
  • Declaration Of War Against Central Powers

    Germany provoked the US to join the war, and this is the date that we decided to join the fight for our honor.