• Period: to

    the life of anthony johnson and his sons

    what happens during anthony johnsons life
  • Act X

    Act X declared that slaves could no longer own fire arms. I think that this effected the slaves because it made it so that slaves could no longer defend them selves and they could also no longer hunt for food.
  • Land

    Anthony Johnson owned land, he had over 200 acres and he had his own slaves. Little did he know that the land he had left for his 2 sons would be taken away. Anthony Johnson owned 200 acres, he sold 150 and left the other 50 for his sons. When he died the white folk took his land and kept it for them selves.
  • Act XII

    This law made it so that whatever the mothers race was is what the child would be. so if the mom was a slave and the dad was white than the baby will be a slave. This is dominishing progress because it now means thgat there is no way for a baby to be a nonslave.
  • Act I

    An act declaring the casual killing of slaves. I think that this is dominishing progress because now people are treating slaves more as items than person.
  • Act XXII

    An act declaring that all mullatos, indians, and africans are all property. this is dominishing progress because now slavees went from being people to property.