Confederation BNA

  • Birth of John A. Macdonald

    Birth of John A. Macdonald
    John A. Macdonald is born in Glasgow Scotland to parents Hugh Macdonald and Helen Shaw
  • All Parties were given equals seats

    After upper and lower canada were merged each part of the new colony were given equal seats in assembly
  • Upper Canada and Lower Canada are United

    Upper Canada and Lower Canada are United
    On Febuary 10, 1841 the crown declared that upper and lower canada would be merged, creating one legislative assembly
  • Riots In Montreal

    Riots In Montreal
    Crowds of protesters opposed Governor General Lord Elgin and his Rebbellion Losses Bill. The protesters threw eggs and stones at his carriage and the protsest eventually turned into a riot. They invaded the parliment buildings and set it on fire.
  • John A. Macdonald and The Capital City

    John A. Macdonald and The Capital City
    John A. Macdonald reffered the matter of the capital city of Canada to the Queen. Some people wanted it to be Quebec City, The Queen anounced that her decision was Ottawa.
  • Political Deadlock

    The government gorund to a halt and stopped working. The reason it stopped was because there were not enough seats to represent the different areas of canada. this was all cleared up by 1861.
  • Charelleton Conference

    Charelleton Conference
    The Maritime colonies came together to discuss creating a union between all of them.
  • Macdonalds Government Defeated

    The conservative government was defeated by two votes, crushing for Macdonald.
  • Quebec Conference

    Quebec Conference
    Delegates from different colonies of canada discussed the whether a strong central government or more power to prvinces would be better for the country.
  • Construction of the parliment buildings

    Construction of the parliment buildings
  • London Conference

    London Conference
    16 delegates from the province of canada and great britian came together to discuss making the province of canada into an actual country.
  • Johnny Mac is Primey!

    Johnny Mac is Primey!
    On July 1st, 1867 John A. Maconald was knighted and became the first Prime Minister of Canada.we now observe July 1st as Canada day.