Imperialoct2010 432

Photonics test

  • Period: to

    Higher Education Committee of the London County Council established an Optical Engineering Department

    F.J. Cheshire was appointed as the Director and Professor A.E. Conrady as Professor of Optical Design. At the same time, L.C. Martin, who was already undertaking optics research at the College, was also appointed as a lecturer.
  • Professor W.D. (David) Wright appointed

    Professor W.D. (David) Wright appointed
    Professor W.D. (David) Wright who was appointed to the Chair in Applied Optics. Wright's speciality was in colour science and colour vision, an area of research that had been investigated as early as 1877 by Sir William Abney at the South Kensington campus. Under Wright's leadership, the section flourished, benefiting from the general expansion of the College and in particular from the rapid growth of the Physics Department under the vision and leadership of P.M.S. Blackett.
  • Donal Bradley appointed head of department

    Donal Bradley appointed head of department
    following Sir Peter Knight's appointment as Principal of the Faculty of Natural Sciences, and Gareth Parry returned as Head of the EXSS Group. The Optics Section continues to flourish within the Physics Department and optics plays an ever increasing role in research across the College.