The Process of Dehumanization of Slaves

By WinnieZ
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    The Process of Dehumanation of Slaves

    The process of taking away slaves rights.
  • Anthony Johnson owns land.

    Anthony Johnson owns land.
    In 1645, free slaves can own land and own slaves. Anthony Johnson, an African American, owned land and slaves. The slave that a free slave owned didn't have any circumstances, including christian slaves. Free slave have the same right that other people have. The skin color didn't really matter even though they may be treated differently. This shows that free slaves could have land and are regular people, no matter the skin color or race. Free slaves had the rights and freedom like other people.
  • Anthony petitions for his slave, John Casar.

    Anthony petitions for his slave, John Casar.
    Anthony's slave petitioned for his slave, John Casar. John Casar said that he came to Virginia for 8 years of service and deserved his freedom. Anthony Johnson didn't want to let his slave go, but his wife and sons persuaded to let John Casar free. I think in that time, anyone who is free could own slaves and indentured servants. Even if Anthony Johnson was a African American, he still got to keep his slave if he really wanted to. People right now are fair and let anyone free have slaves.
  • The causal killing of slaves.

    The causal killing of slaves.
    If a slave disobays it's master, the master can kill the slave without being punished. I think slaves may be afraid to talk back to their master. Leather slaves hurt ,but killing is worse than getting whiped be a steel whip once or twice. Slaves may be afraid to run away. Slave masters won't have to worry about their slave disobaying their commands. Long ago slaves could own land, but slave can be killed because of disobaying someone's command. This is getting worse now.
  • An African American can not hold an office.

    An African American can not hold an office.
    Let's look back at Anthony Johnson's time. He could own land and have slaves. Now an African American could not bear office unless they want to pay a fine. I think they put this law in at to make people go back to being a slave. If someone doesn't have money, they can't buy food to eat. If someone doesn't have anyone food, he or she will die. Slave masters would have more slaves; they could own more money and produce more food. You can aslo make decisions. I have a bad feeling about the next act
  • Slaves are now property

    Slaves are now property
    Anthony Johnson could have land and slaves. Now look at this, slaves are now property. Slaves are treated just worse now. Slaves can't be free ,and they have to do what their master says to do. They also can't run away. This is the last stage that everyone been waiting for. I think the people put the other laws so that the slave won't kill them. Slaves must be so mad that they are now slaves for life. I think that slaves will still try to run away, but it will be a hard journey