Age 3

  • Emotional Development

    They are more cooperative and are learning to be considerate. They become more willing to take directions from others. They have fewer temper tantrums. They like to talk to their toys, playmates, themselves, and to their imaginary companions. They respond when others talk to them, and they can be reasoned with and controlled by words.
  • Physical Developmental Milestones

    Stacks 9-10 blocks, cuts with scissors, draws recognizable pictures, jumps up and down in place with both feet, catches a ball with arms straight, and rides a tricycle.
  • Self-feeding

    At this age most children are quite skillful using a spoon and fork. They have a full set of primary teeth, so chewing foods isnt a problem. But meats and other tough foods should be cut into small pieces.
  • Social Patterns

    A three year old will share, help, or do things another person's way just to please someone. They begin cooperative play or playing with one another. They are able to work with one another at simple projects. They also seek friends on their own.
  • Social Developmental Milestones

    They take part in brief group activities or cooperative play, taking turns, likes to help, and shows affection.
  • Piagets Four Periods of Learning

    They think in terms of their own activities and what they percieve at the moment.
  • Intellectual Developmental Milestones

    They use longer sentences, knows about 900 words, follows two-part directions, and sorts by color and shape.