French Revolution

By KoppNZI
  • Period: to

    Deficit Spending

    Picture France started going in to debt after louis' death. The wars then put them more into debt.
  • Louis XVI calls the Estates- General

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    ordered them to meet at the palace versailles. He wanted them to take the tennis court oath
  • Parisians Storm the Bastille

    picture Paris took the spotlighty from the National Assembly meeting in verailles
  • Period: to

    National Assembly acts

  • Period: to

    civil War

    picture french revolutionaries and European monarchs moved onto the battlefield. They were ready to spread the revoultion and destroy tyranny.
  • threats come from abroad

    picture The failed escape of Louis XVI broght further hostile rumblings from abroad.
  • monarchy is abolished

    picture well trained Prussian forces were cutting down raw French recruits. also royalist officers were deserting the french army
  • Period: to

    Robespierre and the Reigh of Terror

  • Thrid stage of the Revolution

    Picture The moderates produces another constitution. The constitution set up a 5-man directory and a two-house legislature elected by male citizens who own property.