Sandra Bullock

  • Love Potion no. 9

    Bullock starred in a TV sitecom called Love Potion no. 9 with co-star Tate Donovan
  • Period: to

    Love Potion sitecom seasons

  • The Thing called Love

  • Speed

    Starring Sandra Bullock adn Keanu Reeves
  • Period: to

    Working on low-budget film with Actor Mattew McConaughey

  • Speed 2

    Bullock finally agrees to do a sequel to her now-famous SPEED
  • Back in Action in Hope Floats

  • Sandra wins her first People's Choice Award

  • Murder by Numbers

  • Bullock give $1 million dollar to tsunami relief

  • The Lake House

  • Sandra gets her 1st top #1 movie with The Proposal

  • Gets a divoce from husband of 4 yrs Jesse James

  • Sandra Bullock adopts her new baby boy Louie