South Carolina Timeline

By lucy4-d
  • Jun 11, 1540

    Expedition in South Carolina

    Expedition in South Carolina
    Spaniard Hernando de Soto leads an expedition into South Carolina.
  • Carolina gets a charter

    Carolina gets a charter
    The Lords Propeteriors get a charter from King Charles || to found Carolina colony.
  • The English

    The English begin settling Carolina.
  • Enslaved Africans

    Enslaved Africans take part in a revolt called the Stono Retellion.
  • Union

    South Carolina becomes the eighth state in the Union.
  • Seceding

    South Carolina is the first state to secede.
  • Constitution

    South Carolina writes a new constitution that allows segregation.
  • Hurricane Hugo

    Hurricane Hugo hits South Carolina.
  • Period: to

    Losing Jobs.

    South Carolina loses 5,000 textile jobs.