Cold War Asian Events

  • End of World War Two

    End of World War Two
    The end of World War two came when the U.S. dropped two atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Japan soon surendered on the USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay on September 2 1945 officially ending World War Two.
  • Period: to

    Cold War Span

  • French involvement of the Vietnam War begins

    French involvement of the Vietnam War begins
    After World War Two the U.S., Soviet Union, and United Kingdom decided France should rule Vietnam. But France was in no position to rule over Vietnam yet, so British and Chinese troops held the French possession until France was ready to take over. when France took over the Vietminh revolted demanding Vietnam be a free state, France refused and began the long bloody French invlovement. France later lost and the U.S. took over.
  • Chinese Communist Revolution ends

    Chinese Communist Revolution ends
    The Peoples Republic of China was formed when Communist Revoutionaries revolted against The Republic of China in 1927. The fighting halted only to defend China from invading Japanese troops from 1936-1945 when fighting during the Chinese Civil War resumed. The Republic of China lost and retreated to Taiwan. The Communist Peoples Republic of China was officially established. And Until this date there is no official Peace Treaty sighned.
  • Korean War begins

    Korean War begins
    The North Koreans invaded South Korea on June 25th 1950 and pushed the South Koreans back to a small square around their Capital. The U.S. joined the war. General Macarthur invaded at Inchon with U.S. troops. The Americans pushed the N. Koreans back to almost the Chinese border. A nervous China intervened and pushed the Americans back. The border is now at the 38th parallel.
    is now at the 38th parallel.
  • U.S. intervenes in the Vietnam War

    U.S. intervenes in the Vietnam War
    The U.S. sent advisors to help South Vietnam and France. The U.S. also sent money, weapons and other supplies to the French and South Vietnamese troops. After France left the U.S. took over in 1964. The U.S. carried out a long bombing campaign against North Vietnam. U.S troop involvement increased until the height of the war in 1969.
  • US pulls out of Vietnam

    US pulls out of Vietnam
    The US began to pull out of Vietnam in 1969 due to diminishing public support the last U.S. troops left in March 29,1973 after signing the Vietnam Peace agreement ending US agression toward N. Vietnam. But still left 7,000 advisors and unactive soldiers in South Vietnam to aid our ally South Vietnam. Two years later Saigon fell to North Vietnam and the last U.S. soldiers guarding the US embassyleft Vietnam at dawn. April 30th 1975.
  • Soviets invade Afganistan

    Soviets invade Afganistan
    On December 27th 1979 50,000 Soviets troops invaded Afganistan and occupied all key governmantal buildings in Afganistan. The Afganistan resistors found support from the United States, Egypt, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, China and other muslim nations in the area. The U.S. specifically supplied rocket launchers to take down Soviet Choppers and other supplies. It lasted 9 years and 50 days. It is reguarded as Americas payback for Vietnam.
  • Soviet Union Collapses

    Soviet Union Collapses
    The Soviet Union began to collapse in 1989 when the economy and government went unstable. But the real start of the Soviets collapse began on the 26ht of December 1991 with the abolition of the Soviet Federal Government. The process began when the Government was weakened and the Soviet Union disinigrated from about January of 1990 to December of 1991. Also the many Soviet states broke off and declared their independance.