By ebeamis
  • Dien Bien Phu

  • Ho Chi Minh Trail Created

  • Period: to

    Operation Ranch Hand

  • US Actively Involved

  • Gulf of Tonkin Attack

  • Gulf of Tonkin Resolution

  • Period: to

    Operation Rolling Thunder

  • US offers Peace

  • President Johnson commits 60,000 US Troops

  • First Major Battle for US Troops

    Operation Starlite
  • Operation Junction City

    Search and Destroy Airborne Operation
  • Vietcong Attack Khe Sanh Base

  • Tet Offensive Begins

  • My Lai Massacre

  • President Nixon takes Office

  • Operation Menu

    Strategic Bombing of Eastern Cambodia
  • 133,000 US Troops Still in Vietnam

  • Peace Talks Break Down

    Held in Paris
  • Peace Talks Resume

  • Cease Fire Signed

  • President Nixon Resigns

  • Final US Casualties and Evac.