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    Phonograph Time Span

  • Carbon Telephone Transmitter

    Carbon Telephone Transmitter
    Edison invents carbon telephone transmitter, extending the clarity and range of the telephone. In the process he also developes a tin foil cylinder for his phonograph.
  • Phonograph

    The phonograph, also called the gramophone, was the earliest form of listening to music. The phonograph can be described as any sound-reproducing machine using records in the form of cylinders or discs. Thomas Edison created the phonograph after his work on the telegraph and telephones. It was created in 1877. Early in this year he used a foil cylinder but later adapted it to a wax cylinder.
  • New Phonograph

    New Phonograph
    Edison develops the New Phonograph, using a wax cylinder.
  • Talking Dolls

    Talking Dolls
    Edison produces dolls with tiny cylinders inside to make them talk for the Edison Phonograph Toy Manufacturing Company. He used the cylinders from his Phonograph.
  • Magnetophone

    The Magnetophone was the first practical tape recorder.
  • Jukebox

    This invetion was basically a coin operated phonograph and would play songs for a nickle.
  • Record Player

    Record Player
    A Record Player was an updated form of the Phongraph. It played music on a flat table and used a needle to play the music.
  • Cassette Player

    Cassette Player
    A Cassette Player is a type of tape recorder for playing or recording audio on compact cassettes.
  • Boombox

    A boombox, also known as a ghetto blaster, jambox, or radio-cassette, is a music player capable of receiving radio stations and playing recorded music, usually at high volumes.
  • Portable Cassete Player

    Portable Cassete Player
    These were the first "compact" music devices that could be on the go with you.
  • CD Player

    CD Player
    A CD Player or a Compact Disc Player, is an electronic device that plays audio Compact Discs.
  • Portable CD Player

    Portable CD Player
    This was one of the beginning ways to listen to music on the go.
  • Portable MP3 Player

    A Portable MP3 Player was designed to store and play audio files. You could listen on the go and were even more compact that the previous Portable Cassette Players
  • Modern MP3 Player

    As technology has advanced, the size of the MP3 Players have become smaller and they had become more advanced.
  • First IPod

    First IPod
    The first IPod's were large compact music players. They were the tinniest compact music players seen and they included games, music, and a bunch of other new features.
  • MP4 Player

    MP4 Player
    Is a modern day media holder. More advanced than MP3's with a lot more capablilities.
  • IPod Nano

    IPod Nano
    The IPod Nano was a newer verson of the original IPod an has adapted over time to come out in new colors and to have more available GB.
  • ITouch

    The ITouch is what can be seen today. It includes games, music, movies, and much more, and what is even crazier is the fact that it is all done by the touch of your fingers.
  • CD Player Shoe

    CD Player Shoe
    CD Player Shoes are just an example of yet another way technology is moving forward. Not that they were ever common but the fact that technology aloud us to create something like that.
  • Nano Touch

    Nano Touch
    This a is a more compact touch screen music device.