Glenn Beck

  • Pasco extends extra 15 minutes of fame

    Glenn and a group of Big Eaters went to the same resturant Pasco was having problems with.
  • Glenn Replaces Lassiter

    A newspaper talks about Lassiter not on air anymore and was replaced with the more humorus Glenn Beck.
  • Rallies for American Troops

    Beck supports the rallies happening in American to support the troops in Iraq. Not saying they are pro-war, but will support the people in uniform.
  • Glenn Talks about the abuse to Iraq prisoners.

    Glenn called Mr. Berg a scumbag and talked about how the democrats are anit-american.
  • Online Auction for Katrina

    Glenn starts an auction to help the peopl in Katrina.
  • Worst Person in the World

    Glenn was nominated the Worst person in the world by Keith Olbermann
  • GMA Hires Beck

    Glenn was so impressed with his work on Good Morning American that they want to hire his as a commentor on the show.
  • Glenn Endorses Sarah Palin

    Sarah Palin is part of We the People still says Glenn. Thats what he wants in government.
  • Beck Challenges Press

    Asks the press to not be a lapdog but be a watchdog for Amercia
  • Religious Rally

    Where the MLKJ told I have a dream. Glenn hosts a rally to of the revival of the truth.
  • Glenn's brutual and hateful routine

    Dana Milbank writes about how Glenn's career on FOX may dry up from al the complaints over his race-baiting, his violent words and his conspiracy theories