World War 1

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    WW1 Events

  • Assassination of Archduke

    Him and his wife were assassinated in the Bosnian City in Conjunction with the Austrian troops not to far away. The assassin imagined that it would basically free his people.
  • Austria Declared War on Serbia

    Austrian's thought that Serbia were the ones that assassinated Franz Ferdinand. Russia went and allied with Serbia, and so Germany went with Austria.
  • Winston Churchill

    Winston went and resigned as the First Lord of Admiralty. He went back to the army as the Battalion Commander
  • Blockade

    This is when Germany finally decides to block all Britain vessels of any sort. They were either destroyed on the spot told to head back the other way.
  • Opposite Blockade

    Finally Britain gets smart and does the same. They block out Germany so they get behind their lines and tear them down.
  • Battle of Jutland

    This battle was the first actual large scale naval battle. The German's were trapped between the Britain ships, so they went right up the middle and tried to split them and take on ship by ship. This didn't work in the end the German's withdrew.
  • First Aeroplane Raid

    This was the first time that Germany did an air raid on London. By having raids on London, Germany hoped that the British Air Force would be forced to protect their own home front instead of attacking them.
  • German U-Boat Campaign

    Germany set up this campaign to keep ships out. They ended up sinking around a million tons of ships, So the nuetral countries stopped shipping in goods, Germany changed it and set up convoys for those ships.
  • Hindenburg Line Collapsed

    At this time the Allies had successfully pushed Germany way behind the Hindenburg Lines.
  • End of WW1

    The other allied forces signed a ceasefire document with Germany at Rethondes, France. Which ended the war for good.