Modern day timeline assignment

  • Meech Lake

    Meech Lake
    in 1987, Brian Mulroney (Prime Minister) to bring Quebec into constitution. So he invited provincial premiers to a conference centre on Meech Lake (Quebec). They negotoated a Constitutional change known as the "Meech Lake accord". This matters to Canada because it gives provincial leaders more power to nominate senators/supreme court judges. it also would expand canada and make it have mroe provinces. this shows that the canadian government is willing to compromise/negotiate to expand
  • Period: to

    Gulf War

    War between Iraq and UN
  • The Gulf War

    The Gulf War
    In 1991, Canada and many other countries worked together to attack Iraq. The reason that they attacked was that Saddam Hussein(iraqi president) wouldn't evacuate his troops from Kuwait; he invaded kuawit because he claimed they were stealing oil from iraq. On february 26 1992 the coalition (Canada and other countries) overpowered iraq's army.
    This war was important to Canada because canada was involved in defeating iraq. This war shows that Canada only fights when it has to keep peace.
  • Evolution of Technolgy

    Evolution of Technolgy
    In 1991 the internet (world wide web) was released. The onternet made it easier to do business, conduct research, and communicate with others. But there were amny cons to the internet such as: it was to time consuming, it cost money, and many people were addicted to it. The internet is important to canada because it improved commmunication with other countries. Also it helped people do business, so it could have improved canada's economy. It was also a new form of entertainment
  • Land Mine Ban

    Land Mine Ban
    Land mines were veryy effective in many wars, but they stay planted even after the war is over. So in 1992 Jody Williams with a group of non-governmental organizatios in a campaign to ban landmines. After that williams joined forces with Lloyd Axworthy to help ban landmines. The result of their work awas the ottawa treaty; the treaty banned the use of landmines.
    This is important to Canda because and it would improve safety around canada becaus there wouldn't be landmines laying around.
  • The World Trade Organization (WTO)_

    The World Trade Organization (WTO)_
    In 1995, 44 countries got together to discuss free trade. They all agreed that free trade would help avoid another severe depression, and help the world recover from the war. This organization was called the "World Trade Organization" (WTO). This was important to canada because it could improve canada 's economy and Canada's trades with other countries. But it might have resulted in canada giving up some control of its own affairs. This shows that canada wants to trade in peace.
  • 911

    On september 11 2001, a plane crashed into the world trade center. At first that it was a pilot error. But then another plane crashed into the south tower. Now peopel believed that this was a terrorist attack.
    This was important to me and my family becuas enow many people believed all muslims were terrorists,and i am muslim. this affected me because peope began to look at/treat me differently because of the attack. Results of the attack include: improved security and more airplane rules.
  • Lawfield Tornado

    Lawfield Tornado
    In 2006 a tornado had hit the city of hamilton. The tronado took down a whole school (lawfield) and the sides of many houses. Many students didnt have to go to school for a couple of weeks. This affected me because i had to go to seneca school while they were building a new lawfield school. The construction of a brand new school was a result of the tornado. I also had tto go to the new school when it was finished.
  • Residential Schools Apology

    Residential Schools Apology
    In 2006, the government of canada offered 1.9billion dollars to residential school survivors; residential schools were schools that forved natives to assimlate into "true canadian culture". Later in 2008 Steen Harper apolgized for residential schools. This was important to canada because this was the first apology for residential schools from the government. This resulted in some natives accpeting the apology and some not accepting it. this shows natives are very forgiving.
  • Economy Collapses

    Economy Collapses
    In 2008, the united states economy collapsed. The reason this happened was all banks let out too many bad loans. Also many people couldnt afford to pay their loans back. This event was important to Canada because America is Canada's biggest trade partner. So if America's economy collapses so does Canada's, if America's share prices drop so do Canada's. this made Canada's economy bad too. the thing that this says about canada is that Canada depends on America to survive.
  • Sagging auto industry

    Sagging auto industry
    In 2008, the demand for automobiles had dropped. This almost cost general motors to go bankrupt. The canadian givernment loaned 4 billion dollars to these companies to help them out. This event wasa important to Canada because the auto industry is a big part of Canada's economy. This affected canada because 13,000 Canadian workers were laid off. this event shows how unfair the canadian government is; they gave chrysler and general motors special treatment.